about me

wanna see a bunch of pictures of me? great! here they are. 

take a minute, marvel at my beauty.

alright. i agree, enough of that. my name's lindsey jo. if i introduce myself to you and i say, "hey, i'm lindsey jo." and you say, "oh, nice to meet you lindsey." i will be secretly upset and i might hold a grudge. 

now there's a few things that are important and you should know 'em. i love Jesus. i am unashamedly a Christian. i love my husband, bryant. i think he's hilarious and hott [notice the 2 Ts!]. i'm a twenty somethin' stay at home wife and momma. we have 2 little men, isaac henry, born in october 2011 and grant, born in october 2013. we're workin' on a full house. i love to eat and all the teeth i have are sweet. i craft, i sew, i laugh. and when i'm finished i might write a blog about it, but mostly i just write about random stuff. i have a great family and great friends. they're all nuts. i am from and live in tennessee, which may explain why i am the only ten you see.

and that's about it. stick around, you might like me will love me unconditionally. every one does.

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