Wednesday, July 5, 2017

truett at 6 months and 7 months.

these two months have been a challenge. and not because truett is a challenging baby. he's actually the easiest baby EVER. but month 5 & 6 were doozies and so we'll just combine them up into one big ole update.. also important to note is that we are trucking right along into month 7 and i feel like we've rounded a corner so all the praise hands.

tru is a shrimpo. an official shrimpo which is aka failure to thrive which is aka FAILURE TO MOTHER. he had fallen off the growth chart and was just not gaining weight. many factors probably contributed to the whole situation such as he's very content and distracted so not very demanding (not cool when i am typically a feed on demand kinda momma) and my mysterious milk supply.

 to pump up the babe we went to a very strict scheduled feeding routine which was really killing my vibe and literally sucking the life out of me. have you ever tried to feed a baby that doesn't want to eat? not fun. on top of the around the clock feedings, my milk supply is usually just enough and in my professional opinion it wasn't even just enough this time. i was taking all the supplements and drinking all the water and eating all the oatmeal and doing all the things and he just wasn't gaining weight. which was frustrating because he isn't cranky, he acts satisfied, etc. it's all very confusing and discouraging. i'm not even one to stand on my breastfeeding soapbox with my boobs out and nurse until they're 3, i just wasn't ready to stop nursing and he didn't seem like he was ready to stop nursing but he was just so little. and if one more person suggested that i feed him avocados i was going to throw an avocado at them. to top all of that off i was feeling like it was time for me to try to lose some weight and then i feel like i can't restrict my eating because i have to consume enough food to make milk. and then his sleeping got all crazy. and i don't know if it was because we were on this force feeding schedule or if, ya know, HE'S A BABY. but again with the killing of the vibes.

but like i said, we've really turned a corner and let's let the past be the past. i think we've heard enough about how much of a anxious train wreck milk machine i was for 2 months.

as far as eating: we've transitioned from breastfed with a few solid meals to breastfed and supplementing with formula and a few solid meals to formula fed but breastfed sometimes like in the night because you people who actually wake up enough to make a bottle in the night deserve a medal with a few solid meals and let's see if he'll eat some of that macaroni in the restaurant because we forgot a bottle. and as much as i think bottles are the most inconvenient thing in the world (i had to buy one of those formula holders for my bag?!?!) i'm finally feeling like tru is a "normal" baby again and not a fragile feed every 3 hours flower.

other than all that craziness..

truett is just happy, content and sweet sweet sweet. he rolls and scoots all over town.. or at least the floor. he's got the bluest eyes and long ole feet. he doesn't really giggle, he only CRACKS up when he laughs. go big or go home.

he loves a snuggle, his bros, the exersaucer. he's typically a great napper. his smile is just a big open mouth. we feel like of all the brothers, he looks the most like grant. and besides the whole being a skinny pants he's really the best baby in the world. if you don't agree i'll fight ya.

i'm glad he's ours and i'm not proofreading this blog so i hope it makes sense. YOLOOOOOOOOO.

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