Wednesday, July 5, 2017

makes me want a hot dog real bad.

bryant took off work on the 3rd so we all went to the zoo. it was the perfect time to do all the things that i always say no to. ha! so we rode the carousel and the train. and we got to see the new rhinos!

then we got rained on, so we headed home to rest before heading over to cayte and jacky's for our traditional july 3rd dinner.

abe was thrilled to be at lou's house. always love hanging out with the kings! then we headed over to the light house to watch the city fireworks with a bunch of friends from church.

remember how at the christmas eve service i get all antsy about them handing my child a CANDLE?? and then on july 4th i'm like here's fire that literally shoots SPARKS!! isn't it fun?! don't forget to give one to the toddler!! what is this safety first life we lead?! pure caution.

abe isn't a fan. he spent most of the 3rd and 4th running for his life, ducking and covering and then giving us a guilt trip for forcing him to participate by grumpily saying "i don't like that fireworks. dat scary."

on the actual 4th mom and dad came over. bryant needed dad's help fixing something on our deck so they did that and then we grilled hamburgers because THIS IS AMERICA.

and i have been dying to take some baby and watermelon pictures so i jumped on it because it just felt like the right time..

just leave.

dad made some homemade ice cream with the boys which they thought was the coolest thing ever. he made sure to give them facts about the temperature of ice and the temperature of ice and salt and things that only he would know off the top of his head. so funny.

we ended the evening by letting the boys play with more fire because safety abounds and evidently i'm a sucker for spending $36 on doo-dad fireworks. i bought one called poopy puppy that looked like a dog that was pooping and then ended with sparks coming out his tail. if that doesn't scream LET FREEDOM RING, then i don't know what does. 

right as we were finishing up our super classy fireworks some neighbors put on their own personal fireworks extravaganza that we watched from the comfort of our porch swing. it was every bit as good as the city fireworks! thanks rich neighbor!

i had a great two days. and i'm thankful to live in this country. i know it's not perfect but it's pretty darn good.


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