Wednesday, July 5, 2017

abe's 2nd birthday!

the weekend of abe's birthday was super busy for my parents and they knew they wouldn't get to see him so the night before abe's birthday, papa and ne stopped by to bring presents and dollars and a musical card.

on his birthday morning we all busted in his room and sang happy birthday which he loved. he really loved his whole day and all the attention he got. we blew up balloons and hung dollar store streamers and inflated the birthday mickey mouse. he opened presents from us right away.. a frog camping chair, some mini cars that can fit in his pockets, and a bb8 helmet.

the original plan was to just have a family party but the big brothers laid on the peer pressure pretty thick.. "don't you wanna have a party abe???" "don't you wanna invite your friends over abe?? caylee lou lou???" so i caved and we threw a little glorified play date party complete with hot dogs and funfetti cupcakes. and we invited all of abe's favorite friends, which are all girls. hahaha.

we topped it all off with a family date at hoppity hop and pizza and more cupcakes.

happy day wild man! i hope you felt celebrated and know we all are just crazy about you... or maybe you just make us all crazy :)

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