Wednesday, July 5, 2017

abe at 2.

we thought we had kids with big personalities until we had abe. he is 100% personality 100% of the time. he's a nut. the other day we were talking about the resting dispositions of our children. we decided isaac- happy, grant- content, abe- SILLY. he's just silly.

his expressions are big and he's just a wild man. he repeats everything and is so so verbal. i think part of the reason he's so funny is 1. he talks like a big kid. you don't expect him to say things like "i'm a zombie" in a spooky voice because.. HE IS TWO. so when he does it is just hilarious. 2. he knows how to be funny. he'll do something that he knows should make you laugh and then his expression changes like he is waiting for you to acknowledge that he's funny.

i have a feeling we're gonna be in a heap of trouble with this guy. or maybe not because he's just loveable. those big brown eyes are a killer and his laugh is the absolute best.

showing off his muscles at his 2 year check up.. he's a tank. 90% for weight 85% for height. he's two inches taller than the other boys were at 2.

luckily he only had to get a finger prick but he didn't care because he got to have a bandaid.

he's also a big scaredy cat.

loud noises aka fireworks. mascots. disney world. his belly button. you know, normal things. his defense mechanism in times of fear is to just close his eyes, hunker down and go to sleep.

he lives off sugar and carbs and chocolate milk. the other day i grabbed donuts as a treat for us and our friends before heading to the pool and he seriously said "i want more donuts momma." all the way from the donut store to the pool.

he loves to swim. he loves playing cars and wearing hats/helmets and sticking all the stickers on all the things but especially on himself. he loves quickly petting dogs and watching Mickey Mouse or super wings. he likes dismantling all the lego minifigures he can get his hands on. he loves to read and listen to music. putting stuff in his pockets and taking his shoes off is his jam. he likes to chug his drink (chocolate milk) and then sneak and steal his brother's cups and chug those too. 

he's a great listener. like when you say abe! come here! he usually runs in the other direction. or if you say "do you need a spanking?!" he'll say "yeah."  

he loves to roll call our family every day. i-ick, mant, daddy, momma, baby twuett. and then jokes that each of our names is his name. 

mostly i just want to remember how much of a hoot abe is and i want him to hurry up and get to the age where they have a little more sense in their head. if you have had a two year old, you know. they just take it out of you. he really is a sweet boy. 

a crazy sweet boy. we say he's our favorite and least favorite all in one. 

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