Monday, May 8, 2017

truett at 5 months.

this has been on my to do list for oh... 3 weeks or so. truett is 5 months old! and i feel like i've been slacking on documenting his babyhood. i so don't want that to be the case because he is just the sweetest but ya know, life. 4 kids. yada yada yada.

at 5 months:
  • i already documented that truett was a shrimpo at his 4 month checkup. and while that is still true he did gain a whole pound! 
  • he is still nursing frequently. i feel like my milk supply decreased some this month but i've been trying to drink more water and take some supplements to keep the good stuff flowing! tru also chows on some baby food twice a day. he's tried pretty much everything fruit/veggie wise at this point and seems to like most things. he probably likes sweet potatoes best.
  • he is a thumb/finger sucker. definitely prefers to suck his fingers over a paci. 
  • i've never had a baby that just falls asleep while they're playing.. until now! multiple times truett will be playing and will just lay his head down and start sucking his fingers and just go right to sleep on the floor.. the other day he took a 2 hour nap on the floor! hahaha. 
  • rolls all over the place and scoots some but not showing progress in sitting up at all. 
  • likes to play in his exersaucer.
  • is ticklish, loves eskimo kisses, and his bros. 
  • he is just the sweetest, easiest baby. our friends give us a hard time because his little cry is just so quiet. even when he's mad, he's just quiet. 
  • along with his birthmark on his arm a small brown birthmark has popped up on his forehead near his hairline.. which reminds me- he's getting more hair!! 
  • he usually goes to bed between 7 and 8 and sleeps until 4:30-5 and then sleeps in our bed with me until the big boys wake us up around 7. 
in the words of grant man- truey is just so tiny and cute! we love that little shrimp.  

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