Thursday, March 23, 2017

truett at 4 months.

tru is 4 months old! time is just flying right by and this babe is just along for the ride.he is absolutely the perfect 4th. he's just go with the flow and sweet as pie.

at 4 months:
  • yikes. he's only 11 lbs. 9 oz. aka, a squirt. we had this same issue with isaac henry at 4 months so it wasn't super surprising to me. but we did have to start solid food. and i know that seems exciting but i just don't love it. food is just so messy and inconvenient (in my opinion!) compared to nursing exclusively. 
  • so he's had some food and doesn't seem to love it, but he's eating it. so, success? 
  • i'm just not a scheduler so i can't tell you much about his schedule but he usually takes 2 good naps and wakes up twice a night. 
  • he sleeps in his crib for everything. much to my dismay he started acting uncomfortable in our bed so i have to make the trek upstairs in the middle of the night. wahhhh. 
  • he finally rolled from belly to back. he'll roll onto his side from his back but not fully over.
  • he still takes a paci at bedtime but his go to self-soothing is sucking his two middle fingers. 
  • he still has his little stork bite between his eyes and a little brown birthmark appeared on his left forearm this month! 
he's such a easy baby. so so sweet. i'm glad he's ours.

isaac henry. grant. abe

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