Tuesday, January 24, 2017

truett at two months.

truett is two months old. how are we already 1/6 of the way done with his baby-hood?! hold me.

at two months tru:
  • has grown out of newborn clothes and is filling out 3 month stuff pretty good. he pretty much lives in footie sleepers because its easy and sweet and he has a seasoned mother. 
  • is still just the sleepiest little guy. he sleeps most of the day and does pretty well at night- usually at least one 5 hour stretch in there somewhere. 
  • when he is awake he's just sweet! he is starting to grin and coo a little more and very rarely cries. 
  • loves the play mat and for you to sing 'you are my sunshine'
  • his brothers love him and always are sneaking sugars or just looking at him all dreamy saying "truuuuueeettttttt" abe has started calling him trubaby and i kinda love it. 
  • at his well-check he was 10 lb. 12 oz. and like the 20% for weight. so he's still pretty little. of course his head size was in the 98% following suit with his bros.  
  • eats like a champ (i am just nursing on demand and NOT pumping one single drop because i hate it and i've learned that it's just not worth it. so he'll be my side kick for a while.)
  • bryant and i regularly say "we like this one." he's just the perfect 4th. very go with the flow. PTL! 
 and everyone always wants to say my boys look just alike and while i think they do look like brothers, they definitely have their own look too..

truett at one month.

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