Saturday, January 14, 2017

grant says.

this post is long overdue so this covers a 6 month (or more.. oops.) span of time..

he's eating french fries.
picks up big french fry: look at dis big baby!
picks up tiny fry: look at dis wittle baby!
picks up normal fry: look at dis... baby.

for the 6 months or so leading up to his birthday his only requests when asked what he wanted to do for his birthday: "mowry (mallory) and a chocolate monster truck cake."

refers to abe as "my wittle polka dot."

me: grant, is that marker on your hand?
grant: i colored myself. but i'm not paper!

i was looking at my phone.
grant: can i see?
show grant what i was looking at. it was recipe or something including a picture of shrimp and avocado.
grant: hmmmmm.. yuck.

when we were potty training..
me: what toy are you going to get when you finish your chart??
grant: a gun!! to shoot.. isaac. boom boom. like that.
me: ...

grant overhears me talking to siri..
me: what's the forecast for today?
grant: i don't know?

praying: thank you for me. thank you for grant. and momma and daddy. amen.

me, singing: can you tell me how to get, how to get to sesame street?
grant: drive.

always telling us "i love your heart." thanks grandpa.

our cat likes to bring us dead animals and there was a mouse on the mat.
grant: cat brought a mouse.
me: oh, ok.
grant: don't worry. it's not mickey. mickey has red pants.

me: hey grant, wanna go to the moon today?
grant: we can't! it's day time!

before truett was born..
me: who do you think truett will look like??
isaac henry: daddy. or me!
grant: chewbacca.

following new year's eve and the all the hugs and kisses exchanged at the ball drop grant will come and love on you saying, "i love you... happy new year."

the boys have been calling our van cindy. don't ask me.. so we'll be going down the road and i'll hear them chanting, "go cindy! go cindy!"
bryant: who named the van cindy??
isaac: grant.
grant: no. my name isn't cindy. my name is grant. our van is named cindy.

isaac's mdo teacher from last year just adopted a little boy and named him isaac..
me: boys! miss beth just adopted a new baby boy! and guess what his name is??
grant, no hesitation: porcupine?
me: noooo..
grant: cindy? like our van?

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