Thursday, January 12, 2017

christmas at the cokers!

honestly, i was not feeling it this year. i think just with the whole having a new baby thing and the added pressure of that on top of trying to make christmas all magical just left me feeling a little humbug-ish. especially because i felt like last christmas was really fun and we did lots of fun things. but we powered through and managed to complete our little christmas checklist of magic for the boys and hallelujah.. it's over.

decorating the tree. matching christmas jams. jessee tree family devotion going ever so smoothly. handprint trees.

gingerbread house shenanigans. nutcracker by isaac henry. goofing off in the life sized nativity.

the annual king coker christmas cookie extravaganza! pj day at mdo.

wilson family christmas. christmas lights and popcorn.

christmas eve hamburger date. christmas eve service. all wrapped and ready!

christmas morning.

christmas with mom and dad and cinnamon roll monkey bread.

other notable things that happened this christmas..
bob reappeared. and although he was lazy this year, he deserves his own post.
isaac henry got reprimanded at school for spreading the santa isn't real gospel. oops. 
christmas was on a sunday so we got to go to church and be with our people and it made my day.
we spent time with bryant's fam so the boys got to play with some of their cousins and it made their day. 
we ate so many cookies.
magic. pure christmas magic.

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