Thursday, January 12, 2017


bob is seriously one of my favorite things. and i think it's so funny because our boys don't think he's real. they know that we move him around and stuff but they still think it's soooo funny and fun. they run down every morning and look for bob and find what he did and then grant always says, "silly bob!" i love it.

on the first day of bob, we forgot (and continued to forget multiple times this year...) and hurriedly stuck him in their backpack for mdo. which of course they loved.. "bob wants to go to school too!" easy to please..

this year, we found a girl elf and had to add her to the mix.

when they came down and found bob..
ih: bob has a friend.
*walks closer*
ih: ooooohh! it's a girlfriend. do you think bob got that girlfriend with his magic?, you just bought her.
me: *laughing* yeah.. what do you think her name is?
grant, with no hesitation: lindsey bob.

on christmas morning, this is how i found bob and lindsey bob. bryant bought me that cow canvas for christmas and had set them up like they painted it. cute husband.

and then christmas night i told the boys bob was over and isaac was like.. "momma, can you just put bob and lindsey bob by the basement door and write a note that says see ya next year?"

of course i can ya little weirdo. of course i can.

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