Tuesday, December 20, 2016

truett at one month.

apparently life is moving at light speed!

truett is already A MONTH OLD?!

at one month:
  • super easy baby! eats great. sleeps decent. doesn't cry much. doesn't spit up. all things that are super helpful when you have FOUR children. 
  • we are co-sleeping this time around and i'm not even gonna fight it. i know i know, and i don't wanna hear it. he sleeps in his pack n play for a stretch and then comes into our bed for the rest of the night and it is just easier for everyone that way.
  • nurses great. no complaints. 
  • his brothers and all our friend's kids and all the kids at church adore him and can't get over how tiny he is.
  • he isn't that tiny. i mean, compared to 200 lbs. or even 30 lbs. yes. but he's a good sized boy. 8 lb. 15 oz. at his 3 week check up and 22 inches long. so he's growing! 
  • doesn't love a bath. good thing he's only had like 3. THERE'S NO TIME! he's clean enough. 
  • seemingly likes a paci. 
  • not super smiley. which is wild to me after having two babies in a row that were smiling straight outta the womb. tru makes you work for it but he's starting to give tiny grins and we've caught a few big smiles and sleepy chuckles.

and now for my favorite and most unhealthy parenting habit.. compare and contrast the boys!

isaac henry. grant. abe.

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