Wednesday, November 16, 2016


you know i'm a sucker for a family theme.. and this year was no different. even though the boys had opinions this year. i guess i'm destined to embrace the boy mom costumes.

we had the cutest yoda you've ever seen, chewbacca, a storm trooper, daddy as darth vader and death star belly.

we were lucky to find those chewbacca jammies at the disney store and they worked perfect for his costume! i'm all for costumes that you can use again. like.. every day. to sleep in. and they weren't super warm which was good since it was like 90 degrees! the hottest halloween i can remember. you know this big momma was glistening. 

we met up at the king's for our annual halloween party/trick or treating. and most of the grown ups actually dressed up this year!! my dream come true!!

i think my fave is lindsey and jason as pooh and christopher robin. so stinking cute!!

and all the little spooks..

i'm so thankful for these friends that we get to do life with. they're the best.

aaaaannnnd we're still eating halloween candy. although we're about out of chocolate options and you know the dum dums are long gone thanks to abe who is OBSESSED with all suckers.

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