Monday, October 31, 2016

isaac henry's 5th birthday!

we have a five year old?!

i know. i'm in disbelief. but what a fun age! 4 was great and i know 5 is going to be just as fun.  it may help that isaac henry is seriously one of the coolest kids i have ever met.

on his actual birthday we let him pick breakfast and supper and he had very specific requests..

funny face pancakes for breakfast.. 

and "hamburgers with pickles of course, macaroni, and rice krispies" for supper..

papa and ne joined us for supper and he got lots of presents and phone calls and cards and special treatment, which i think made up for the birthday party devastation of 2016.

so isaac henry has been wanting to camp out and have you met us?? hahahaha. we don't camp. but we have been planning this backyard camp out party since the spring.

we kept the guest list small because we were full blown camping in the backyard with a bonfire and a movie projected outside on the house with popcorn and all the camp out shenanigans. it was going to be amazing.

it had been drizzling all day and all the parents were holding their breath because we had a whole lot of excited little boys ready to camp. we were pressing on! sprinkles can't stop this party!

and then an hour before the party was supposed to start and we had just set up the tent, isaac henry started running a 104 temperature. bum bum bum.

so we had to cancel the party. i'm pretty sure it was the most pitiful thing i have ever seen in my life. lots of tears were shed and not just by isaac. he is my most tender hearted boy so he was pretty sad. wouldn't you be?! and honestly, i was too. you mommas know that parties are not easy work to pull off and to do all the work and then NO PARTY?! tears. TEARS! luckily, papa and ne bought him a bicycle for his birthday so they went ahead and brought it over to dull the heartbreak. and we snuggled on the couch and watched star wars.

and luckily luckily, our tribe rallied and we were able to pull off a camp out themed lunch party after church that sunday and all's well that ends well!

since our previously planned activities wouldn't really work for a lunch party, i threw together a little nature scavenger hunt. my boys love this type of thing and it was a hit with the other kids too.

of course it was a nature scavenger hunt and some of the kids were like, "where did you hide the stuff??" and i was like... "i didn't, good luck!"

they all got a little flashlight and m&m's for completing the scavenger hunt.

there was lots of jumping on the trampoline and playing outside, looking for more "cool rocks". it definitely worked out and isaac henry was pleased. anddddd no one had to sleep on the ground. so win/win?

happy birthday to our fab 5 year old!

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