Monday, October 31, 2016

grant's 3!

grant man is three!

this kid. he's so stinking lovable and such a little stinker. he's going to be our boy that does whatever he wants and is great at everything he wants to be great at. because he is just passionate about life. he reminds me so much of my brother noah.. which most of the time is a good thing but sometimes i'm not so sure! ha! 

he was so excited when he woke up on his birthday. he came running in our room and just gave bryant a huge hug and then told me that he only had 3 year old kisses to give me now. and you'll never believe it but as soon as he turned three he could jump higher and run faster! :)

we kicked off his actual birthday with chocolate donuts and had chicken "circles" (nuggets) for supper. he had MDO on his birthday so we took some cookies to share with his friends.

anytime i would ask him about his birthday party he would make two requests.. 1. monster truck cake 2. mallory. he's an easy man to please.

so we decided to have his party at the indoor playground at a church here in town and it was perfect!

they do all the work and it's pretty affordable and you get to invite 25 kids. AND THEY DO ALL THE WORK. we literally showed up with a cake.

monster truck cake? check.

mallory? check.

the kids play for an hour and then we stopped to eat snacks and cake and open presents.

grant was partied out by the end!

definitely the easiest party i've ever thrown!

we love you grant man and are so thankful for your fun spirit! happy birthday!

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