Friday, September 2, 2016

the boys.

these guys..

i wish i could remember every little thing about them. i know they'll grow up and we'll forget some of the cute stuff they do or some of the things that they loved so much at certain ages and i wish i could just record it all and play it back when i need a stroll down memory lane. 

they are just so fun and hilarious and i like them.

all three of them are going to mdo two days a week this year. the big boys love it and i'm sure abe is fine and i really really appreciate the time to get things done/veg out for an hour or so.

as far as mdo goes, isaac henry's class is full on kindegarten prep. he's such a smarty pants and on the first day when i picked him up his teacher told me "i've never seen such a good color-er in preK" the boy does love to color! he's sooo artistic. grant has the same teachers as last year and they are rock stars! his bff mallory is in his class and he only has eyes for her. he also refuses to pee at school so he just holds it. all day. abe won't nap. but he's stinking cute so they forgive him.


abe is 100% sweet and 100% stinker. the big brothers probably think he's more stinker. he just wants to play with them and by play i mean destroy everything they're doing. when they see him coming they say, "oh no! here comes big baby!" he wants nothing to do with age appropriate toys and everything to do with what the boys are playing with. you can almost always find him with two lego heads clenched in his little fists.  

he has recently started walking. some. he still prefers crawling cause it's quicker but he toddles around quite a bit. his feet are huge. we had a time finding shoes that would go on and stay on his jumbo feet. he's starting to talk a little bit more. our favorite things he says are night night and uh oh. he has the best big brown eyes. and y'all. this is his pucker..

have you ever?!


loves all things super hero and dress up. his best friend is mallory and he is loyal to her to a fault. loves loves loves monster trucks. umizoomi and curious george are his shows. appreciates a good peanut butter sandwich. has recently started enjoying coloring and will spend extended periods of time making sure his color pages are perfect. he also has gotten really interested in puzzles lately and will work on them for long periods of time. very athletic.. loves all sports but can't wait to play soccer "when i turn 3" and is constantly talking about how he wants to play football. loves to jump on the "jump-oline" totally into space, astronauts, rockets. the only thing he will even attempt to draw is a rocket ship. he still really loves babies, abe and especially truett. he is looking forward to truett so much and always is saying that truett is on our team (me, grant and tru) daddy's team is isaac and abe. doesn't love to give out kisses but almost always has a hug or snuggle to give. sleeps with his dog dog and blanket. also, he's got a temper and when he's not happy, he's 100% not happy. he's the kid that will turn the light back on just so he can turn it off. 

isaac henry.

still such a smarty. he's starting to sound out some words and can count to 100 with a little help. especially loves drawing and coloring and anything art. he'll paint or craft or draw all day. COUCH POTATO. this kid would watch shows and movies all day long. he rocks the house at mario kart and loves to play games on the ipad. prefers cheese and crackers for lunch. he is starting to get braver when it comes to trying food and will try pretty much anything. right now he's taking a break from soccer to try out baseball and he seems to really like it. plus it's just so stinking cute. he decided on his own that he wanted to start coming to "big church" with us. loves playing legos, monster trucks, and star wars. he is so funny and so sweet. always giving me compliments, "you're the prettiest momma ever!" still sleeps with his george and froggy.     

and.. we have a cat. but it's a girl! abe LOVES her. he just stands at the window and bangs on it and yells, "CAT! CAT!" she's a stray that wondered up and never left. her name is cat. and she is 100% outside. i have to draw the line somewhere.


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