Thursday, September 1, 2016

pregnancy round 4: 28 weeks.

helllllloooooo. i'm alive!

guys. it's only been two months since i blogged. everybody just simmer down. turns out our life is busy and any spare time i have to blog i use to do something else. so there you have it. my only excuse is my busy life. which i know you just don't understand because i'm the only busy person in the u.s.a.

and while there are a million (or 5) things i could update you on, let's get down to what you really wanna know.. how is tru?

he's good! i'm 28 weeks pregnant today.

he moves ALL the time! like crazy. i mostly just crave crushed ice, ice, popsicles, sno cones, and.. ice. it's just hot y'all. i really do feel great, just starting to be a little out of breath, which always makes me feel like a jumbo. some nights i can't fall to sleep easily because i'm traditionally a back sleeper which is impossible while i'm a jumbo because i also traditionally like to breath. my hair is curly. so funny that that happens.

when i took my glucose test a while back.. i failed. bum bum bum. so i had to take the three hour test and i was like why in the world do i have to stay here for 3 hours?! no one warned me that they take your blood 4 TIMES! yikes. the lady was all, first you're gonna feel really tired, then you're gonna wanna throw up but don't throw up because then you will have to start all over and then you're gonna be super hungry. that was a fun morning. but i passed that test so i guess i don't have the diabetes after all. ptl.

today we got to sneak a peak at truett. at my last ultrasound they couldn't see a few things, one of which was his fingers. welllll, we looked for that kid's fingers for about 40 minutes today and he is just ready to fight i guess because he would not unclench his little fists. in the quest to find his fingers we also found out that he is already 3 lbs. ..yep. and measuring at 29 weeks 4 days. dat's a big baby. which i guess i shouldn't be too surprised because i typically have whoppers, but still. let's keep it under 10 lbs. amen.

i can tell he's just gonna be a cutie. is there anything more exciting than the miracle of life?! THERE IS A HUMAN INSIDE ME. it's just so amazing and crazy and cool and it makes me all squeal-y. i just can't get over it, and it makes me wanna say HAVE ALL THE BABIES!!! FOREVER!!! because it's the coolest. it just is. but i'm also tired and 4 children is a lot of children and 4 boys is a lot of boys. so tru is probably the caboose to this crazy train. so for those that are curious.. i wouldn't say i want a fifth. but i wouldn't be mad because how could you be mad about A BABY??

one thing is for sure, i want a fourth. this fourth to be precise.


  1. You're SO lucky you passed through 3 hour, cuz four pokes a day AND strict diet, is for the birds cuz...carbs ❤

  2. You're SO lucky you passed through 3 hour, cuz four pokes a day AND strict diet, is for the birds cuz...carbs ❤


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