Monday, July 11, 2016

pregnancy round 4: 20 weeks. and a name!

we went to our big 20 week ultrasound and number 4 is still very much a boy. and we named him!!

bryant had mentioned truett a few weeks ago and i just added it to the ever growing list of "yeah, that's fine." i just wasn't loving anything. everything was just ok. but then he mentioned it again and i was like.. YES. that's his name!! i think it just fits our family so much. and i love that it means little and honest.

paul is my pap's name and he is one of the greatest men i've ever known. i love that all of our boys are named after men that we would love to see them grow up to be like.

(review for the curious georges in the bunch. isaac henry named after my brother noah isaac. grant wilson named for my dad, wilson being my maiden name. abram bryant named for that hunk i married.)

so, truett paul. that's our boy.

other than that no big news. we're just trucking right along. i feel great! i've got curly hair. today i leaned over to bryant and whispered "i want sausage balls." i'm starving. and i'm holding onto summer with a clenched fist but i already feel fall and NOVEMBER sneaking up on us.. 4. all the wide eyed emojis.  

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