Sunday, July 10, 2016

june is over? ju-lying.


i just can't get enough of sweating to death and having all the good times.

garden update: it's a mess. no. seriously. it's a jungle. but it just makes it more of an adventure to find veggies to pick! my flowers are finally blooming and making my heart happy.

we've also been enjoying finding, catching, chasing, watching, or killing all the critters (depending on the day and the critter) around our house lately.

church update: vbs is over and done. it was pirate themed this year. arg matey. and it was so fun!! and exhausting..

we also just did our sunday school teacher appreciation and i didn't get around to doing the cute pictures i've done in the past, but the boys made these sweet lightening bug crafts and i just love isaac henry's handwriting.

good times update: yep. we've been having them. i'm equally thankful and annoyed that my boys [so far] seem to be extroverts. we will LITERALLY spend everyday for a week with our people and they will wake up the next morning asking for a play date or if we can have someone over for supper. bless them.

july 4 update: AMERICA! we ate popsicles at the seaver's house, watched the big fireworks show with more friends, ate ribs at mom and dad's, and lit sparklers and shot off exactly two duds of fireworks i bought the boys which caused them to give me major side eye. apparently my choices were very disappointing. meh. what do you want from me?

grant update: HE IS POTTY TRAINED. completely. fully. hasn't had an accident one time. praise god from whom all blessings flow.

and before you go sassing me.. it was not an easy road. oh the whining and gnashing of teeth and holding it. HOW DO MY CHILDREN HOLD IT FOR ALL DANG DAY?! holding it is a great skill except when you need them to learn how to pee because that requires not holding it and then it's like, for crying out loud would you please pee more than twice a day?!

and then we bought a trampoline in celebration of the potty accomplishments. and it has been so fun for everyone.

*it now has all the safety shenanigans and pads and nets and what not. this picture was taken during the putting it together process when the boys couldn't wait one more second to jump. sometimes we allow danger.

isaac henry update: he learned to swim! he's just a little proud of himself.

abe update: he hasn't accomplished much but he's stinking cute.

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  1. The Abe comment and photo at the end of the post had be dying. So. Adorable.


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