Monday, June 13, 2016

pregnancy round 4: week 1 - week 17.

yeah. so. i'm 17-ish weeks pregnant.

and i'm here to declare.. 4th. child. probs.

i have not been good at taking belly pictures at all. and i obviously haven't written any updates. until now!

this is one of the two belly pictures i have taken..

that's 10-ish weeks.

and that beauty is around 15 weeks. 

an update on the condition of my bod/pregnancy because i know you are DYING to know.

cravings: my cravings have been very consistent since day one. anything ice/popsicle related. those luigi italian ice cups are my life blood. mozzarella sticks and all things marinara. all the sushi.. well, all the cooked sushi.

weight gain: ?? i lost 25 lbs. in january/february and i'm not counting this time. i know i gain around 50 lbs. every dang time i have a babe, so bring it on. momma's not gonna stress about it!

sickness: not bad at all! i had a little nausea at the very beginning and threw up once when i was brushing my teeth but other than that i've been absolutely fine! there was a little bump when my doc thought that the evil thyroid was rearing his problematic head again but after another quick blood draw we found out my brain is kicking it into over drive and taking care of business all on it's own.

movement: there have been approximately two times when i have definitely known there was a baby in there. any other times i've felt "movement" it could have just been me being hungry.

gender/name: boy. boy boy boy boy. the main reason we held off announcing this pregnancy right away is because a 4th child after 3 [amazing!!!] boys is doomed to the "we hope it's a girl!!" "IT BETTER BE A GIRL." "maybe this will be your girl!!" comments and we just wanted to avoid that. we wanted to be able to say, "we're pregnant! and it's a boy!" andddd.. it is. but fourth child probs.. he's nameless. we've never had this issue before but we're drawing major blanks because we've come up with THREE SOLID NAMES already! that being said, what do you think we should name our child?? our boys have given really great suggestions so far. like Chair and Sarah.

and that's that. i'll report back.. maybe.

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  1. I really thought I commented here, but maybe I never sent it!
    THRILLED FOR YOU GUYS!!!!!!!!!!!
    Can you even imagine your Thanksgiving table someday!? It's going to be amazing!
    Please keep blogging. I love it. :)


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