Monday, June 20, 2016

abe at 12 months.

we have a one year old!

at 12 months/one year, abe:
  • grew up over night! it's like he just changed so much as far as mobility, chattiness, everything! he just feels older.
  • 6 teeth with tooth number 7 coming any day! so he's developed this annoying habit of biting you. i guess to test out his new teeth? but it hurts!! he thinks it's great. [this also meant a really really pitiful diaper rash this last month that was.. did i mention.. pitiful.]
  • loves the water! i was a little afraid because the first time he went swimming it was no good, but he LOVES it now. some of our friends have a graded pool in their community and he'll just crawl right in face first laughing as he drowns. today he was splashing around in our baby pool and just gulping down water and getting it all in his face and just laughing laughing. little fish. 
  • eats everything. loves his milk. 
  • sleeping great. he even does pretty good having to skip a nap for pool days, etc. 
  • crawling, scooting, climbing stairs, pulling up and cruising everywhere. 
  • talks so much!! he just babbles on like he really has something to say. this month he started roaring for animals and vrooming for cars. sooo cute! lots of dada talk! and when he says hi, he actually says "hey!" 
  • i'm afraid he might be a little mischievous. when you tell him no he just smiles so big and laughs.
  • buttttt... he still has the best laugh ever. 
this year with abe has been so good. he is such a sweet baby and just the perfect number 3. i am already looking forward to this next year because i feel like that's when you really get to see their little personality develop. i just know he's gonna be a good one. 

and i'm so glad that i stuck with taking his monthly pictures because isn't this the most fun?!

i love seeing how he has changed! and he is seriously my only boy so far that smiled in every picture. he is so photogenic! when you point a camera/phone at him, he lights up and says "cheeeeeee!!!"

1 month.
2 months.
3 months.
4 months.
5 months.
6 months.
7 months.
8 months.
9 months.
10 months.
11 months.

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