Friday, May 13, 2016

a few things on a friday.

1. this weather!! am i right?! y'all know that i make up my own calendar and this is summer baby!!

we have been LIVING outside! lots of popsicles. some fire pit s'more action. eating supper on the deck. swing set and sand box all day every day. this summer is gonna be a good one.

2. we have been playing in the creek a ton too. it is sooo fun! the boys love getting in there. grant says "dis is our swimming pool!" ha. and we have yet to see any snakes so i'm choosing to believe there are none thankyouverymuch.

i always tell the boys to look for heart rocks for me. one day they came to me really defeated that they "didn't find any heart rocks, just this tennessee.." i guess that'll do boys.. super cool, right?!

3. we've picked strawberries a few times over the last few weeks. and i'd love to try to hit it one more time before strawberry season is over. these kids are the perfect height for strawberry picking!

4. jellybeadz.

y'all. i know this looks like a mess.. and well.. it kinda is. but my boys LOVE sensory boxes and this one has been a hit! i can't even resist them. they really are super cool!! it's these tiny tiny beads that when you soak them in water they turn into these little jelly balls. sooo fun. order them now. i've heard they last forever so definitely worth the $10!!

5. we planted the garden a few weeks ago! i'm excited to see how it does and how frustrated i get with wild animals. should be an adventure.

6. it's been a rainy week around here and my little extroverts were chomping at the bit to get out. first thing isaac henry said to me this morning was "it's a beautiful day today!! can we pleeeeaaaassssee do something fun???" so we hopped down to nashville to meet bryant and papa for lunch at the farmer's market and let the boys play in the fountains.

it was such a fun day! and i'm such a sucker at the farmer's market. i'm like buy all the things!! cookies? sure. kettle corn? absolutely. but i'm most excited about these peaches. i've heard great things about the peach truck peaches and i'm so excited to try them!

we've got some other fun plans for this weekend, including isaac henry's last soccer game [praise hand emoji] hope you have fun plans for the weekend too!

7. later dude.

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