Friday, April 8, 2016

isaac says.

after losing a lego and looking "everywhereeeeeeee!" he petitioned me, "momma, can you please call the lost and found??"

praying: God. please let it change into summer. i love you. amen.

asked me if we had any chickfila batteries (triple a batteries).

we were telling isaac that it was time for bed.
isaac: but i have to give my speech!!
bryant: your speech?? what are you giving a speech about?
isaac: numbers, old jokes, christmas. and you have to drive me there! 

after it had snowed i was telling isaac how i liked snow because it reminded me of when Jesus saves us and how he makes our heart clean and white as snow. 
isaac: ..but hearts are pink.

walking through kohl's isaac sees a mannequin in the lingerie department and hollers, "hey baby! lookin' good!" lord help us.

isaac was trying to convince grant to poop in the potty.. "grant, tony stark poops in the potty!"

i changed clothes from yoga pants and a tshirt to a dress. when isaac saw me he said, "you look good momma, but can you put on your other clothes? they looked better." awesome.

bryant and i were working out and isaac henry was watching/encouraging us. 
"you guys don't have to do this if you don't want to."
"momma, when you finish, i'm gonna bring you up a piece of candy!"
best. fitness coach. ever. 

i was putting on a show for isaac and jokingly asked, "what do you wanna watch? the news?"
isaac: yeah. i need to see what the weather's doing. 
"momma. i've got good news and bad news. the good news is that we found jessie's hat. the bad news is that we lost jessie."

isaac: what's today? 
me: monday. 
isaac: so tomorrow is tuesday? 
me: yep. 
isaac: can we have tacos? 
me: sure. 
isaac: what are we eating tonight? pancakes? 
me: no. chili. 
isaac: well you guys can have chili but i'll have pancakes. 
me: no, we're all eating chili. 
isaac: but i don't like chili. 
me: i'll make you a grilled cheese. 
isaac: awww thank you. but i don't want cheese in it. just a hamburger. 

bryant was saying he's the only person that likes pickles and isaac was arguing "lots of people like pickles! in California! in tennessee! and san diego!"

isaac had to take amoxicillin for strep throat and it turns out that isaac is very allergic to amoxicillin. whompwhomp. so he had a pretty ugly rash all over and told me.. "momma, i think what has happened to me is what happened to jonah."

grant is trying to do something and grunts.
isaac: are you tryin' to poop? 

isaac to grant: do you wanna start pooping in the potty or not?
grant: no.
isaac: why?!? you're a big kid! OR ARE YOU A BABY??? 
grant: yeah. 
isaac: well, i guess you're half baby, half big kid.

grant got his first big haircut and afterwards isaac looked at him and said "grant! you look like me!"

bryant and i were talking about baby names and how there is no name that i love for our next kid so i said, "why don't we just call it quits?!" isaac chimed in, "quits?? i don't like that name."

isaac hands me a bugger. [glamorous life i lead.] 
me: what should i do with this bugger???
isaac: put it in your nose.

isaac, asking me: when grant grows up and gets married and i go visit him, can we call him grown up grant? 
me: i guess? 

a random dog was playing in our yard and so i was imagining getting a dog for like 15 minutes and bryant was being the reasonable adult and shutting it down.
me: i don't know why you're acting like that! you like dogs! 
bryant: of course i like dogs. who doesn't like dogs?!
isaac henry:  i don't know.. maybe.. BAD PEOPLE.

isaac henry has always been really artistic. but lately he's gotten really into drawing pictures for people and i think it's the cutest. plus, maybe i'm just being a braggy momma (and always will be) but i think he does a pretty darn good job! here's some of his latest drawings:


  1. Ok I'm your #1 blog fan I think... This is so cute & ya boy IH is a great artist no lie

  2. um...I can't even draw that well...get that kid a lawyer!

  3. um...I can't even draw that well...get that kid a lawyer!

  4. Isaac Henry says the cutest things and he can really draw for his age!! I love your blog!!

  5. I have been reading your blog for YEARS and I love everything you post. Your children are so adorable and hilarious and reading your blog just makes my day! :)


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