Thursday, April 7, 2016

grant says.

grant and isaac henry were playing in a box and grant was wearing his headlamp.
me: oooh! grant, are you in a cave??
grant: no. dis is a box.

me: grant, what did you dream about last night?
grant, nonchalantly: my balls.
me: your balls??
grant: yeah!
me: ...
grant: my basketball! my soccer ball! my baseball!

one day there were a bunch (6) of deer playing in our yard for a long time and the boys were watching them. they were running all over the place and when they finally left our yard..
i asked grant: grant, what were those deer doing in our yard??
grant: reindeer runnin! 
me: yeah! how many reindeer were there grant?
grant: six!
me: that's right! there were six! 
grant: reece is six. mallory's two.
me: ha, yeah. you're right.
grant: do reindeer pee?
me: do they pee? yeah, they pee.
grant: do they wash their hands?

i was getting grant dressed and put a buzz lightyear shirt on him.
me: buzz lightyear, is that you? 
grant: noo, it's just me... iron man.

grant woke up first from his nap and was kinda wondering around aimlessly.
me: whatcha wanna do? 
grant: where bubba at? 
me: he's still sleeping. what do you wanna do? 
grant: wake bubba up. 

grant was flexing.
me: wow! what a muscle man! 
grant: yeah! like Jesus! 

the boys were fighting (a rare occurrence around here.. hahaha) so i employed my tactic of singing daniel tiger's wisdom at them..
me: find a way to play.. (pause)
isaac henry: ..together.
me: find a way to share with.. (pause)
grant: ..grant!

we were having a play date with a new friend and she didn't realize how verbal grant is..
friend, holding a toy rocket ship: can you say rocket? 
grant: dat's a rocket ship. i am astronaut! i go in dat rocket ship! 

grant: i lost my cookie!!!
me: where'd you put it? 
grant: mouth. 

grant was building blocks and apparently they crashed and he let out a huge whine followed by "ohhhhhh!!! grant broke this!!"

i walked in on this after i heard grant whispering, "aaaaaaabbbbbe this is gonna be funny..."

i was taking fruit to the easter party at school for grant's class..
me: grant, what fruit do you want for the easter party? 
grant, after thinking for about 30 seconds: ..cupcakes?

bryant and isaac henry were making pancakes and grant was wandering around the house whining.
grant: i wanna help those guuuuuyyyssss!!!!!
me: what guys??
grant: that daddy guy and that isaac guy.

i was getting grant ready for bed and he was telling me how he planned to defeat the bad guys in his room: i jedi! i punch them out with my lightening sword! 

we were at a little easter party and grant was being moody so i let him wander off to play alone in the playroom while the rest of the kids were doing the activities. we were fixing to watch a little clip of the easter story from the jesus storybook bible and i thought he may be into that so i bribed him downstairs by saying that we were gonna watch a show. he walked in the front room in full grump mode, took one look at the tv and said, "dat's not umi zoomi."


  1. Ha! I sing that same Daniel Tiger song at least once a day!


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