Monday, April 11, 2016

coker boys and miller girls.

our friends, the millers, have girls the same ages as our oldest boys. isaac henry and mclaine have already decided they're going to get married. and grant (monkey see monkey do) is fast pursuing marriage with his co-part, mallory.

mallory and grant are fire and ice. they fight like crazy and love each other so much. mallory might be the only person that grant considers a friend. because every time we ask him about friends.. like, who did you play with? "mow-ry." who's your best friend? "mow-ry." anything.. "mow-ry." it's the cutest.

a common household phrase around these parts is isaac proclaiming, "i'm going to marry clainey!" and grant chiming in "i marry mow-ry!!"

so just in case our/their wildest dreams come true, i'm just gonna leave these pictures here for safe keeping until it's time to put together the wedding slide show.

abe will just be over here holding out for another miller sister so he doesn't have to die alone..

1 comment:

  1. Abe needs to meet Lynnley! Different fam, but a Miller nonetheless! :)


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