Tuesday, April 26, 2016

abe at 10 months.

runnin' a little late but abe is ten months and holding for a few more weeks at least!

at 10 months:

WAIT. 10 months?! old man abram.

ok, at 10 months:
  • 4 teeth. eating anything he wants. we're trying to transition to milk. but he's not crazy about it so we're kinda doing a mish mash of nursing/milk in a sippy/formula. he's down to nursing just a handful of times a day, like if he wakes up in the night or naptime. 
  • still not up on his knees crawling or pulling up much. but he gets around with his little army crawl! he has pulled up on the bottom stair a few times in pursuit of the brothers. 
  • waves, blows kisses, points, gives high fives, claps. my favorite is the clap. oh my heart! says mama, dada, bubba, papa, bye, ball, and more. tries to imitate a horse and elephant sound and it's the cutest. 
  • loves to be outside and especially loves to swing. he just holds onto the ropes and when you take him out of the swing he screams! swing forever!
  • had a few more surprise ear infections this month because he's either the king of undetected ear infections or i'm the queen of clueless moms. probably a combo. 
  • working diligently to get him to go to sleep on his own. so fun. 
  • sneaky little rascal that puts all the things in his mouth. 
  • LOVES beeping people's nose. he thinks it is the funniest thing and will laugh and laugh. and he has the best raspy laugh in all the land. 
  • momma's boy. 
  • easily the cutest 10 month old around.    
abe is the best. he just is.

1 month.
2 months.
3 months.
4 months.
5 months.
6 months.
7 months.
8 months.
9 months.

because comparing the children is always a good idea..


grant at 10 months.
isaac henry at 10 months

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