Sunday, March 20, 2016

the cutest boys in all the land!

i'm hoping to get on here this week and CHAT and do some updates on the boys, on life, etc. etc. because i know you've misssssssssed me! honestly, how could you not??

but just in case that doesn't happen, look at these pictures i took of the boys. i stuck them in their easter clothes, drug them out in a field of daffodils, and begged and bribed. you know me. bribe those babies with all the smarties and dum dums those toddling sugar addicts can handle!

and then i die. they. are. so. handsome. and they belong to me. am i the luckiest or what?!

isaac henry could've had a better smile there. but ya know. hahaha.

and for the grand finale.. 


i'll be back.

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