Tuesday, March 29, 2016

tara and garrett's wedding.

back in february, my friend tara got married. we have been friends our whole life and she's a keeper. and now we have the same last name! she married a coker boy too! so fun.

i was so thrilled to be a part of her day!

it was sooooo cold. like -80 degrees or something.

and isaac henry got to be her ring bearer! he was sooo excited.

her little girl was the flower girl and kari and isaac henry are the cutest together. when tara asked isaac henry if he would be in the wedding he said yes, IF i get to stand with kari!

kari came back in after this picture and was telling everybody, "isaac henry kissed me!!" hahaha.. not quite sister.

i mean, have you ever?!

it was a great day. simple and beautiful. i'm so happy for tara and garrett and extra excited that we get to do life together. #cokers4eva

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