Monday, March 28, 2016

easter week.

this last week was packed to the max for us. we haven't had a normal dinner time/ bed time routine since last monday! but it was oh so good.

thursday we had seder dinner with our church family. it is one of my favorite things our church does. so cool! and friday we had good friday service. there was children's choir where the sweet kiddos sang "my all in all" and isaac henry seriously shouted the whole song (the parts he knew) and once again took some time out to wave at folks. my child. #isaachenryforpresident

please note the sweet girl COVERING HER EARS.

just a quiet soul.


friday during the day, lindsey hosted a little party for the kiddos. she had so many cute easter activities for the kids to do and she walked them through the resurrection eggs (which we have loved using as our family devotion!) and we had lunch. it was so fun!

i made these cookies that i am obsessed with..

i love making those sugar cookies. so fun!

saturday afternoon we decided to let the boys do their little egg hunt from us because sunday was gonna be so busy. they got a little candy and some quarters, a wind-up chicken, and the big boys got a remote control monster truck. monster trucks are life over here.

i have loved scrolling through facebook and instagram and seeing all the sweet families in their easter outfits. it is just precious to me to see my friends all dolled up and squished in with their little families.

here's our rambunctious crew.. 

and isaac with his buddy jack in their bow ties..

so sweet. and handsome!

we went over to the mosley's for lunch with some other friends from church and it was such a good time of just sitting around and talking. there was a great mix of big kids and little kids. and y'all. big kids are where it's at. they watch out for the little ones and my boys adore the mosley boys so they just follow them around and i don't have to keep a super close eye on them. makes these big family meals soooo enjoyable!

after lunch we had just enough time to stop off at home and pick up a lemon cake before heading to mom and dad's for supper. a few weeks ago mom asked me what we should eat and i said, easter food. and she said, what's easter food? hamburgers and hot dogs! ha! i feel like we always grill on easter and it just hits the spot!

of course the boys were spoiled rotten..

they played and we laid around a little before heading home and throwing the boys in the bed.

it has been a long and busy week! and i am whooped but i have loved celebrating easter all week! how cool that we serve a living god!? as isaac henry would say I LOVE JESUS 51 THOUSAND!! (51 thousand is a lot.) 

and y'all. the easter candy. can't stop won't stop. 

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