Tuesday, March 22, 2016

abe at 9 months.

doesn't 9 months just seem big?? yet, here we are.

and i've never y'all. this kid is the cutest. cute. est.

at nine months:
  • abe eats it all. i love when babies get to the age where they are feeding themselves (even though it's a mess!!) and abe is there. he'll still let us feed him the occasional oatmeal but he's pretty much independently eating. and loving everything. he doesn't discriminate. and he's seriously out-eating his brothers at some meals. 
  • master of (army) crawling and sitting up like a pro.
  • goodbye baby bathtub! hello cramped baths with the brothers! 
  • has 4 teeth. the bottom two and the top two. and oh my. cute!
  • surprisingly hasn't choked to death although i've dug multiple mystery items, at least 73 stickers, a lego, and a piece of pipe cleaner (?!?!) out of his sneaky little mouth. our floor is evidently a mine field for small inedible objects. i need to step up my sweeping game.
  • has a tendency to reach so far under the table in the playroom for the highly coveted toy that's under there and get stuck. he loves to be rescued because i have to cram his head to the floor and drag him out all while he screams bloody murder and remains toy-less.
  • doesn't like baby toys. further confirming my theory and i'm just gonna go ahead and say it.. FACT.. that age appropriate toys are for the first born. 
  • sleeping through the night every night now. hallelu. 
  • saying momma, bye bye, and bubba. waving if he feels like it (don't push him, ok?!) and giving big ole sloppy kisses. doesn't say dada much to bryant's dismay but abe gets SO excited when bryant gets home from work. it's the sweetest.

1 month.
2 months.
3 months.
4 months.
5 months.
6 months.
7 months.
8 months.

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