Tuesday, February 16, 2016

valentine's party!

last week we had a little valentine's party/glorified play date with some of our little buddies. we did this last year and it was so fun so we're making it a tradition!

i have the cutest valentines you ever did see..


so this party was super low key but most importantly, i got to set up my kid table!

if you know me, you know i've been on the hunt for this table for a year and a half and i scored big time a few weeks ago!

someone had listed this old vintage sunday school table (all the heart eyes!!) on varage sale for $100 back in the summer. well we decided that that was too much to spend on something that we wouldn't use all the time. but i kept my eye on it because it was just perfect. and then a few weeks ago she lowered the price from $100 to FREE. i was like, ummmm what?? and she was like yep. and i was like yes please!!! and then i found all these cute vintage school chairs on the craigslist for $5 a piece! which is an absolute steal!! so i got this whole set up for $50. FIFTY DOLL HAIRS. i'm just beside myself over it.

i covered it in butcher paper for the party and when isaac henry woke up, he got right to work.

I heart U MOMMA.

just get out you sweet little baby.

the rest of the decor was chalkboard and heart bunting. surprise surprise.

the boys made these fun sun catchers a few days before and i love them!

for lunch we had a big yummy salad and homemade heart pizza.

the pizza was mostly so i could sing "take it! take another little pizza my heart now baby!" in my head for the entire day.

we decorated (put stickers on..) some little gift bags and exchanged valentines.

isaac henry poured over pinterest and died over these super hero suckers. i know they're sooo last year but he just loved them.

that picture is actually of the ones he made for his class at MDO. i made him write his name out on the the ones for our little party (12 whole times!) and he about died. so when it came time to make 21 valentines for his class he said, "momma, can you please just print my name on there?? because if i have to write it, it's gonna take me HOURS!" poor kid. he did agree to draw the eyes on all the masks.

grant did not care one inkling about valentines so i just made his from extra punch balloons left over from their birthday shindig.

check out these party people!

i love these mommas!!

all the hearts and hugs and kisses for friends and play date parties!

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