Thursday, January 28, 2016

snowed in.

we got snow! so much snow!

last wednesday we got a little bit of snow and mostly freezing rain and ice. but it was still a snow day and the boys were begging to go outside in it. they loved it! bryant was home so we had a little snowball fight, made snow angels and made a snow man which they promptly destroyed.

abe napped for most of the outdoor fun but i had to take him out for a picture since it was his first snow! i started to just take him out and bryant was like, you may want to put a coat on him so people online don't judge you. ha! so i threw grant's hat and coat on him..

we warmed up with hot chocolate (or cold milk with marshmallows for grant, haha!) and crafts..

little did we know, the BLIZZARD of the century was coming on friday! i'm sure to call this a blizzard is just funny to the northerners but for us tennesseeans, this was big time snow!

our house was camouflaged..

i made snowman pancakes to get the boys hopped up on sugar before we went out to play.

we do not have proper snowgear, but we made do. i think we may invest in some boots and stuff at the end of the season this year.

grant had a harder time this day because the snow was SO TALL! he could barely walk and he kept falling and yelling "i'm stuck!!" bless him.

luckily, our neighbor had driven up and down our driveway a few times and made some tracks, so grant made his way over to the tracks and that's where he stayed!

i'm so glad bryant was able to stay and work from home (not that he had a choice! we were stuck!) but i love that he got to get out and play with the boys. he told one of his coworkers, "work will always be waiting for you, but you don't always get a snow day!" i'm so thankful that he has that mentality because i know a lot of people don't and as a result, they miss the important things in life.

and again, had to stick abe outside for a little photo op. i don't think he has a coat?? hahaha. #thirdchildprobs.

we were stuck for the rest of the weekend and so i had to get the boys out in "cute clothes" and try to get some cute pictures of them. isaac henry COULD NOT keep his eyes open for anything, further proving he is his papa's grandson. but i still got some keepers..


and then it got a little warmer and rained and the snow was gone as quick as it came. and man, i was glad. after a week at home.. i was itching to get out! and the boys loved watching the snowman melt! they thought it was sooooo funny as his nose fell off, then his head, then there was just a little chunk of snow left. they thought it was hilarious!

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