Friday, January 8, 2016

isaac says.

isaac henry collected trash for like a month to "make a boat"..

gotta love kids and their quirks. 

the boys were playing outside in the yard and i was up on the porch watching them. isaac needed to go inside. on his way in he asked me, "will you keep a little eye on grant for me?" 

isaac was wearing his spider-man costume. 
me: will you help me pick this up? 
isaac: no. spiderman just wants to enjoy this (as he lays back and eats a laffy taffy.)

it's cold! we need some ear muffins!

dinner conversation one night..
isaac: well, i asked all the girls to marry me and they all said no. except one.
bryant and me: who was the one?
isaac: clainey. 
bryant: well, what did she say?  
isaac: she said "yes, i will marry you." 
me: why do you think you want to marry clainey?
isaac: she's so beautiful.. and she lindsey's kid.
bryant: so after you asked her to marry you what did you do?
isaac: i just kept doin' what i was doin'... i was dancing.

now he's moved on from clainey to another girl in his class at mdo. and when asked why he wants to marry magnolia he answers, "because she obeys the teachers."

the other day when i picked him up from school he told me, "i asked magnolia's momma if she could come over one night and she said yes. she's gonna like you." 

me: what do you think we should get daddy for christmas?
isaac: maybe a monster truck so he can go to work at monster jam and we can go see him and cheer go daddy! go daddy! 
me: i don't think we have that much money, can you think of anything smaller?
isaac: are you kidding?! i have so many quarters in my piggy bank! ...or maybe we can get him a toy monster truck or some legos. 
me: you think he would like toys for christmas? 
isaac: i'm sure. 

i was trying to do something with isaac and grant was destroying it so i told grant that what we were doing was for bigger kids.
isaac: yeah! big kids. bigger kids than you grant. i'm four!! and she's... a momma.

there was a cat in our yard and i was trying to get the boys to see it. 
me: look! what is that? 
isaac: an animal?
me: yeah, what kind of animal? 
isaac: i don't know. 
me: isaac. that black and white animal right there!! what is that?? 
isaac: hmmm black and white.. is it a zebra?
me: ... yes. there's a zebra in our yard.

walking through walmart (again) isaac sees an elderly asian man.
isaac, LOUDLY and right next to the man: momma! see that man? he's soooooo old. 
me, crossing fingers and thinking *please don't speak english. please don't speak english.* 
old man: chuckles. i'm sooo old??
me: dead. 

on bryant's birthday..
me: what do you like most about daddy? 
grant: daddy home! play toys! 
me: isaac what about you? what's your favorite thing about daddy?
isaac without hesitation: he poops well.

bryant: i love you.
isaac: i love you daddy. and i love your whole body. ... but you know what i don't like? your neck. 

isaac is really into saying the lord's prayer and has it memorized, mostly.. 
"give us tuesday. our daily bread."

when practicing for the christmas eve service children's choir he would always sing, "oh come oh come emmanuel! and ransom captain israel!" (help! captain israel is in trouble!!) 

sitting on the couch with bryant and me..
isaac: you know i'm a scientist, right daddy? i know everything about cereal and stuff.. and skeletons too.

some of isaac's latest drawings..

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