Friday, January 1, 2016

how to: christmas card ornament.

one of my favorite things about christmas is getting all the christmas cards in the mail! i know i see your faces on facebook and instagram all year but who doesn't love some good ole snail mail?!

BUT. what do you do with the cards once christmas is over? i've always kept them because i'm a pack rat but let's be honest, i never look at them again. until now!

the other day an artist friend was at the house and we were discussing cards and this is what he said he does with the cards his family receives. it's BRILLIANT! i'm never turning back to boxing up your faces ever again! ornaments forever!!

this is what you do!

gather your cards.

now trace the picture you want to cut out. i used this masking tape but any circle will do. you need 20 circles.

sometimes you can get (and want to get) more than one circle from one card. and if there are multiple pictures on a card and you have to cut through someone's face in one circle, you can try to get their whole face in a different circle. i also cut some "filler" circles of pretty font or the greeting.

then i suggest making a little equilateral triangle for a guide to help you fold your circles.

put your triangle guide on your circle and fold up the edges to form tabs.

this is what it will look like once you've folded your tabs..

do that to all 20 circles!

now, use hot glue to glue 10 circles together in a row. alternating right side up triangle and upside down triangle.

it will look like this..

then glue the two ends together to make a ring, like this..

next you'll make two pieces like this for the top and bottom of your ball..

you do this by gluing the tabs of 5 circles together with all the triangles pointing the same direction.

then you guessed it! glue the tabs of the top and bottom to the ring you created earlier.

punch a hole and stick some string on there! there you have it!

and that's it! i got two ornaments from this years cards and can't wait to make this a tradition! much better than throwing those beautiful cards away!!

i'd love to see yours if you make one! they're so fun!

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