Friday, January 8, 2016

grant says.

this post is long overdue. grant has a huge personality and is so so funny and constantly cracking us up with the stuff he says. some of the stuff he says isn't funny in and of itself but it's just the way he says it. his voice is so deep for a two year old. he is fun.  

for the longest time when you asked him his name he'd answer "dwant hewo man!"

when he had first started saying his name was grant hero man papa was trying to get him to say it.
papa: what's your name?
grant: dwant soccah stah! 
papa: grant soccer star? 
grant: uh HUH!

ih, greeting grant one morning: hey grant!
g: hi dwant.
ih: my name's not grant? 

the boys were not getting along one morning so I was giving them a big lecture about how they are each other's best friend and they need to love each other. so i finished and asked isaac,
me: who's your best friend? 
isaac: grant.
me: right. grant, who's your best friend?
grant: sniffle sniffle. ne. sniffle sniffle. 

this was back in the fall but whenever you'd ask him if he'd pooped he'd blame every one else.. no, baby pooped! no, momma pooped! no, bubba pooped!

we were walking through walmart and i pushed the buggy out in front of me and let it go rolling down the aisle by itself and said "bye guys!" grant shouts "NO! not bye guys!"

bryant went out of town for a few days to a conference. when he got home, isaac runs to him "daddddyyy!!" and hugs him. grant was in the front room playing and he just steps around the corner so he can see bryant and bryant can see him and says "RRROOOOOOAAARRRRR!!!!!!"i think that means "i missed you."

isaac, complaining about something: i'm tired of this!
grant, in a super deep and grumpy voice: i'm tired too! 

on thanksgiving i was asking everyone what they were thankful for.
me: grant, what are you thankful for? 
grant: no. 

grant had done something to deserve discipline and didn't recieve discipline (sometimes we exercise grace.)
me: do you want to say anything for the grace? 
grant: no
me: thank you? 
grant: no way.

grant runs into the room full speed.
me: whatcha doing?
grant: i'm a race car! lightenin' mcqueen!

his cracker broke so he brought it to me, "my cracker is dead!!! fix my cracker??"

i was preparing grant for a handprint craft over christmas, which he hates.
me: grant we're gonna do a craft. 
grant: oh no.
me: oh yes. a craft. we're gonna paint your hand. 
grant: paint. my hand?
me: yep. 
grant: no way. 
me: yep, gonna do a craft, gonna paint your hand. 
grant: oh no. no paint my hand. no way!
we do the craft. he screams the whole time. after we're done..
me: did you like that?
grant: yes. 

grant got a baby doll for christmas and promptly named him wa wa wa.

boys were playing super heroes.
me: is batman a good guy or a bad guy?
grant: bad guy!
me: well then who's the good guy?
grant: abe. abe sweet.
me: awww, you're so sweet.
grant: no. abe so sweet. 

everytime you tell him he's sweet he says "no, abe sweet." or if you tell him he's cute, "no, abe cute."

i brought him his breakfast and set it down in front of him.
me: here monkey.
grant: no a monkey! i a car! a race car! blue race car! 

me: who's your favorite superhero?
grant: supe man! supe man flies! batman! america! charlie brown! 

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