Saturday, January 16, 2016

abe at 7 months.

i know what you're thinking, how is it possible?! but it's true. abe is 7 months old!

abe at 7 months:
  • has his two bottom teeth! that teething was a doozy but those teeth are the cutest! 
  • still loves to eat (and nurse). he eats a solid breakfast and supper. mostly purees but he's venturing into some real food the last week or so. this morning he ate a pancake! i think his faves are sweet potatoes, avocado, banana, and graham crackers.
  • when we went to the doctor for 6 months (more like 6.5) we found out that he had had an ear infection and i didn't even know (and the mother of the year award goes to..) but he fought it off like a champ and only complained at bedtime by not sleeping a wink but preferring to be walked in circles for miles/watch brady bunch at 3 am. 
  • we also found out he's kinda a shrimp. so we've been beefing up his solid meals to help him grow grow grow! 
  • rolling and scooting all over the place! i fully expect crawling by next month but he is welcome to take his time because LEGOS. 
  • sits up a little but is still pretty wobbly. 
  • smiley britches.. some things never change.
  • transitioned out of a swaddle this month and is doing great! we are currently trying to get him to attach to some comfort item but our efforts have been futile. 
  • loves to rub bryant's beard. he's started to bite (while nursing, ouch!) and he especially loves to find two little hairs right at your hairline and pull them as hard as possible. feels great. 
  • got a johnny jump up this month and LOVES it. 
  • still loves his bros and all the action.
we love this kid. he's the man.

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6 months.  

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