Wednesday, December 23, 2015

isaac henry, soccer star.

isaac henry played soccer this year. and i know what you're thinking, wasn't that in the fall?! and yes, it was. but our end of the season party was like dec.1 so technically this blog is still valid. and i'm the keeper of the memories so there..

grant thought he played soccer this year.

it was a work out to keep him off the field during practice and/or games. when he does finally get to play, he's gonna rock because he'll have been practicing for years at that point!

we were team ireland or "the green team" if you're 4 and "ireland" means nothing to you.

3 year olds playing soccer is quite possibly the cutest thing. their little uniforms! and they're just clueless.

isaac henry did pretty good. he scored a few goals and had a few assists and ran in the right direction and was really nice to the other kids. probably too nice. there were multiple games where mom, dad, and i were yelling, "stop looking at us! stop smiling! no more waving!! focus on the ball!"

he's just too friendly to be aggressive. smiling at the fans, making friends with the opponents. #isaachenryforpresident

the reason bryant wasn't yelling with us is that he was the "assistant coach" aka the sideline baby sitter. "quit picking grass!" "stop fighting!" "come back here!" "stop saying butt!" "stop drinking each other's drink!" glam.or.ous.

and of course the kids had to have their snacks for their 30 minutes of standing around. replenish their burnt energy. when it was my turn i brought these fun cookies..

because i'm that mom. i think that isaac henry was most excited about those cookies over most things this season. ha!

we had a little party at dairy queen to celebrate the season and hand out trophies.. because apparently we're all winners.

i'm pretty sure he asked "what's a trophy?" right after this picture was snapped. ha!

aaaannnndd.. then isaac henry dropped his trophy within 23 seconds and broke it into 3 pieces. awesome.

a little super glue and the first year of soccer is a wrap! it was fun. he'll probably play again next year.

and grant will still want to/think he is playing next year. he yells "my soccuh potty!" every time we drive by dairy queen. which is every day.

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  1. What is a trophy? The wasting away of an organ or body part. Oh wait, that's without the space. I'm glad he wonders what they are and why we have them. I've wondered that for years.


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