Monday, December 28, 2015

christmas time is here.. and over.

christmas has come and gone! we had lots of fun this year. the boys are at really fun ages to be able to do lots of christmas magic. and i am one tired momma.

i don't really feel the disappointment i felt last year. i feel like we had a great christmas season. but i am glad for it to be over. i'm just glad to be back to reality and not so much make all the cookies!!! christmas craft!!! christmas lights!!! SPRINKLES!!! all the live long day.

that being said, we did do all those things. made the cookies and gingerbread houses and all the treats. and looked at christmas lights. and spent time with friends and framily. and did advent jesse tree and actually stayed pretty on top of it this year! and made sooo many christmas ornaments. and put up decorations. and wore cute outfits and christmas jams. and had bob the knock off elf [more on him later]. and watched all the christmas movies and polar express is meh. told all the people that santa isn't real. and sang all the jingle bells.

as for the christmas eve and christmas day activities..

we went over to mom and dad's for lunch on christmas eve and they spoiled the kids and us. surprise surprise.

i don't know why i haven't figured out that we don't have to buy the boys stuff at all because mom and dad just do enough on their own. they're good to us.

that night we got all spiffied up and went to christmas eve service.

i mean, come on!! they are the cutest.

and isaac got to sing in the little children's choir. oh come, oh come emmanuel. "and ransom captain israel!"

but mostly he played #isaachenryforpresident and waved and greeted folks and stood at the front of the church and hugged a little girl at the end of the song [while they were supposed to be walking back to their parents] for an extended period of time. sheesh.

after service we went over to ms. lucy's house with some friends and had a great time. the kids all had a dance party and the grown ups ate yummy snacks.

christmas morning! the boys were thrilled to open presents. and they just make me laugh.

isaac henry asked for a reindeer hat, a drum with a tie, and beds for his rescue bot crew. he's strange. also, those beds don't exist. so i made them with cardboard and hot glue. he got a few real toys too.

grant got some of his favorite things in life. weapons. superheroes. annddd.. a baby. grant named him "wah wah wah" and he's just the sweetest thing. i'm the proudest grandmother around.

abe got a bunch of old toys that i dug out of the closet and wrapped. hahahaha. and he didn't even know! or care! because he's literally the best baby in the universe.

we stayed in our jams all day. mom and dad stopped by to hang out and eat lunch. we dilly dallied around until supper time and took our pajama party over to the millers' and ate supper and lounged around with them.

it was a merry little christmas.

oh! and this was our christmas card..

we were going for funny. it makes me laugh at least! we are a tree. hahahaha!

and here's some ghosts of christmas past so you can say, "time flies! they're growing like weeds! how did this happen?"

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