Tuesday, December 29, 2015


you know we aren't a santa family for a whole lot of different reasons. and so when this elf situation popped up as a thing it was a no-brainer that we wouldn't do the elf. but then last year i wanted to. not the whole he watches you and you can't touch him stuff because that doesn't make sense for us but i just think he's fun and knew that the boys would enjoy it. i even went as far as to buy the elf on the shelf.

but then i flip flopped and returned him. but then i flip flopped again and picked up this little elf ornament on after christmas clearance last year for $1.50 because i thought wellllll, maybe i will do it after all and if not it's a whole $1.50. 

and that's how bob was born.

so on november 30 i told the boys that someone was coming to stay in our house until christmas and he was gonna do funny stuff. that was the extent of bob's story. no rules. no he's watching you. just silly stuff with bob.

of course isaac henry did not fall for it. we call stuffed animals "babies" in our house. and i showed him bob roasting marshmallows on dec. 1 and he was like, "momma. he's not real. he's just a baby. you know babies aren't real." and i'm all for the truth so when he was like "you did that momma." i admitted to it. but we still had loads of fun!!

the boys got a huge kick out of all the funny things that bob did and every morning they would come down looking for bob. grant would walk around hollering, "bob! where ah oo? bob! where ah oo?" until he found him. at kari's birthday party, grant spotted her elf and went to grab it. of course i stopped him and explained that they don't touch their elf. a few minutes later i heard him say under his breath, "imma touch dat bob. imma hold it." hahaha!

and i'm not gonna lie, i mighta had a little fun doing this too. this junk is my momma jam. the boys were saddened to see bob leave. but that's the thing about bobs, they have to sleep in the basement until it's christmas time again! so magical! hahaha. i think it's safe to say that bob will return.

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