Wednesday, December 23, 2015

abe at 6 months.

this month has been crazy! we've been trying to cram as much christmas magic in as humanly possible plus just your standard everyday shenanigans. but before i flood this blog with christmas posts, i have to talk about how my littlest baby is 6 months old! half a year. i cannot believe half a year has passed since i accidentally pushed him out without an epidural. help me rhonda.    

abe is seriously the best baby. loving him is easy. like, that picture was the first one i took. how is that possible?! he's just so happy. smiles at everything. i am not exaggerating. he is so smiley!

abe at 6 months:
  • still nursing but eating baby food like a champ. i've never been one to follow hard and fast rules like greens first, etc. but abe eats it all! even the stuff my other boys gagged at, abe slurps it down! he loves to eat. 
  • rolling both ways and trying to scoot with all his might. please don't. 
  • teething? still no teeth. 
  • not sleeping through the night any more. because teething? and i think he's at the awkward stage where they want to sleep on their belly but can't figure out how. 
  • would take two naps but rarely does. loves a bath, but again.. it's a rare occurrence. #thirdchildprobs
  • loves his brothers. he takes their "love" with stride and kicks and punches while he watched them play. 
  • amazing grace is his jam. he especially loves it when isaac henry screams it in his face.
  • trying to sit up. playing with toys and chewing on everything. still does not love the car.
  • he'll pull you in for a big ole smooch sometimes and is sweet as sugar all the time. 
  • his hair has really grown this month and it's so fuzzy and cute! 
abe is THE BEST. i seriously wanna go up in his room and snug him right now. but i won't because he's sleeping and don't wake the baby. he makes me want to have all the babies. for real. if they were all like abe, i'd have at least 12 more.

look how he's grown.. at light speed apparently..
1 month.
2 months.
3 months.
4 months.
5 months.

compare and contrast..
isaac henry. grant the fatso.

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