Tuesday, November 3, 2015

reading and watching.

i love to read. always have. but what happens is that i'll get on a little reading kick there for a minute and want to read all the things and then i get burned out.

i usually like something about every book i read. i've found that when i'm having a hard time finishing a book, it's because i've read too much in a short amount of time.

i'm kinda in that burn out stage right now so i figured i'd write down what i've read lately.
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plus i just read the husband's secret but it didn't make the picture.

like i said, i liked most of these. but my faves, like here's a book suggestion! you should read these! were in no particular order:

eleanor & park - very cute story. easy read.
looking for salvation at the dairy queen - this had been on my list forever and i'm really glad i got around to it. loved it.
the sea of tranquility- young love! happy endings! yay!
the secrets of midwives- if you're thinking call the midwives, it's not that. but it's good!
orphan train- historical fiction is my favorite. this story was so interesting!
and i did like the husband's secret BUT for some reason i have a hard time connecting with stories that aren't set in the united states (this one was set in australia.) i still liked it.  

and before you go thinking i'm just a big book worm, we're total tv junkies too.

we are loving the goldbergs!!

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so so funny. it's not one of those shows you have to watch in order. you can just pick it up whenever. and it's hilarious.

nashville feels more like a guilty pleasure. but i can't stop. oh the drama!

i'm not loving this season so far, but the blacklist as a whole is two thumbs up.

oh my gosh. shark tank makes me want to buy all the things and invent all the things. we're gonna take every idea we have from now on to the tank. mark cuban?? are you in??

how do those sharks have so much money?! love it! just love it!

(sorry we made fun of you for watching shark tank em. it really it the best.)

and finally, alton does no wrong.

we only watch this as a filler but it's really fun. if you like food shows, you'll like cutthroat.

we still don't have cable. we watch all these online. and wow.. do we only have 5 shows right now?! that's an all time low.

what are you reading and watching?? i need suggestions for when i'm out of my burnout stage!


  1. Omgosh how do you have time to read like that?!! I've been trying to start the Outlander series for months and still haven't :/ lol

  2. We love the Goldbergs so, so much! We mainly watch comedies, so we also watch The Middle, Brooklyn 99, and Fresh off the Boat. We also like Jane the Virgin, Once Upon A Time, and Downton Abbey. I've heard lots of good things about Blacklist. I think I'll have to save that one for when I'm stuck on the couch nursing a baby :)

    You should read the Royal We! One of my favorite novels I've read this year.

  3. What did you think of Dark Places? I loved Gone Girl and I really liked the other one she wrote (possibly Broken Things, possibly not), but Dark Places was...let's call it intense.

    1. It was intense but I liked it! I like suspense/murder mystery type stuff. And I didn't feel like it was as raunchy as Gone Girl.

  4. If you like The Blacklist, I really think you would like Blindspot. I'm addicted to it since The Blacklist is all weird this season.


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