Monday, November 2, 2015


stick 'em up!

i love halloween! this year we were cops and robbers (or bad guys) and i love the way it turned out!

me and my partner in crime..

our loot..

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abe thought his money hat was so funny. when you put it on him he just lit up. so hilarious!!

and these goofy cops..

stinking precious.

we met up with some of our friends to trick or treat. look at all these cute little spooks!

as you can see grant was boycotting his costume by this point..

he was really just being a ray of sunshine..

this is real life people.

the good news is that he warmed up to the idea once we got going a little bit. he was just sooo slow and was dragging his bucket on the ground. and i'd say, "grant, do you want me to carry you?" NO! "grant, do you want me to carry your bucket?" NO!

we'd get up to each house and he'd set down his bucket and shout twickuhtweat!, get the candy from the person. go put the candy in his bucket, shout tanktoo! and continue draggin' his little bucket behind him. so funny.

isaac henry on the other hand woulda trick or treated the whole county if we would have let him. he was all about it!

our friends are just so fun. at the risk of sounding super mushy gushy, i just love them and feel so happy after we spend time together.

that's a good group.

and it was a good day! the rain held off and the boys got lots of candy and luckily they love to share it with their momma and daddy! gimme that snickers.

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