Friday, October 30, 2015

isaac says.

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isaac henry was supposed to be going to bed but evidently he was looking out the window in his room. he came downstairs and walked up to me and was obviously very excited.
isaac: momma! there's 2 tane-da-roos in our darden.
me: we don't have a garden.
isaac: i meaned yard.
me: kangaroos??
isaac: or maybe they were reindeer.
me: ...
isaac: it was a momma and a baby. and the baby had polka dots! and it was sooo tute!

isaac to me and bryant: do you wanna play garden of eden??
bryant and i exchange looks.. what's garden of eden?
isaac: you see the snake and you run from him.
me: who taught you that?
isaac: ohhh, no one. i just learned it myself.

overheard: graaaannt, robots don't poop.

it's around supper time and bryant jokingly tells isaac that we're gonna eat him.
isaac: nooo! don't eat me!
bryant: well then who should we eat??
isaac without hesitation points at grant.

isaac eating something and making a face. after inquiring what the problem is.. 
isaac: i'm using the teeth that are still in my gums.
me: yeah?
isaac: yeah. it hurts. but it's ok.

isaac monologuing about his soccer game (important to note, he's on the green team): and Jesus was with me. because Jesus is always with us! when i was in, he was in.
us: yeah buddy, that's right!
isaac: and he had on a green shirt.
us: ...

isaac: when i grow up, i'm gonna do things that a grown up can do..
me: and what can a grown up do that you can't do?
isaac: drink big cokes. and hot coffee!

isaac henry calls invitations (like birthday party invitations) obligations. which is actually pretty accurate.

some beans from the boys' bean box had fallen into the yard and sprouted so there were some bean plants that were quite a bit taller, and therefore noticeable, in the yard. we had also picnicked on the porch the day before and i guess bryant had thrown a few stray cheetos into the yard. isaac was outside playing and came running back to me.. "momma! come quick! you're gonna wanna see this!! THERE'S CHEETO PLANTS in the yard!!! from where daddy throwed cheetos out there!!!"

i was inside and isaac was coming in from playing outside and i noticed a ladybug on isaac's arm.
me: isaac! there's a ladybug on your arm!
isaac: well! hey there little buddy!
me: he must of wanted to come inside with you.
isaac: yeah. he's my best friend now.
almost immediately the ladybug squirted out some beetle juice on isaac's arm.
isaac: hey! he peed on me!! my arm's not a potty!! FRIENDS DON'T PEE ON EACH OTHER!

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