Monday, October 19, 2015

abe at 4 months.

wow. i went a whole month without blogging. time flies when you're having fun/have three children with needs.

back to business. abe is 4 months old! crazy!!

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at four months:
  • mostly sleeps through the night. there's nights when he'll still wake up a time or two, but he usually nurses and goes right back to sleep. still swaddled and taking a paci at bed time/nap time.
  • naps 2-3 times a day. mostly in his crib. 
  • loves to be worn in the sling. otherwise, he's usually content on his play mat or bouncy seat.
  • starting to reach for and hold some toys.
  • still hates to ride in the car, so that's fun.
  • rolls from tummy to back and scoots around on his back but doesn't roll from back to tummy yet. 
  • all of his scooting led to him falling out of the swing last week. that was my golden parenting moment of the day.. oops. good news, he survived! #thirdchildprobs
  • not sure how big he is (we go to the doc thursday.) but he's wearing 6 month clothes and size 2 diapers.. i haven't decided if i'm going to cloth diaper him once we run out of our diaper stash. there is something to be said for the convenience of throw-aways! 
  • he's found his voice and he's "talking" more and more! so fun!!
  • still the smilin'-est baby of all time!
abe is just the greatest surprise. i wouldn't trade this kid for the world.

more monthly updates in case you have nothing better to do:

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and yep. they all still look alike.

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isaac henry at 4 months.
grant man at 4 months.

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