Monday, October 26, 2015

a super hero birthday party for isaac henry and grant man!

it's october and that can only mean one thing.. it's birthday time around here. isaac henry turned 4 on the 17th and grant man turns 2 tomorrow! so saturday we had a party! and since i'm the momma and i can do what i want, we opted for a joint party this year under the guise of "won't it be sooooo fun to have a birthday party with your brother?!" and good news! it was fun!

we did a super hero theme. it was super fun.. ha. but seriously, there is so much cute stuff you can do with super heroes so i had to be careful not to go overboard. i think i did an ok job balancing low-key/appropriate and special/fun.

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

for decorations i made this cool spider-man that was shooting web at you when you walked up on the porch. other than that, i just had action words printed on cardstock taped around. BAM! POW! ZAP!


it was supposed to rain on saturday all. day. and i was so pouty and stressed because i was really hoping for an outside party. and we got our wish! it sprinkled just a tiny bit but we were able to stay outside for the whole shebang! praise the lord!

captain america, is that you??

i love these babies. and their parents. i'm so thankful our boys have cool friends with cool parents.

there were a few of their buddies that weren't able to make it this year and we missed them!

the party was at 12 so we had hot dogs and super hero cheese sticks and chips and fruit. nice and simple!

and for the first time ever, we had games! and activities! i've never felt like our kids were old enough to enjoy games and stuff at their parties but this year was the year that changed!

aunt em wasn't able to come to the party this year so she sent the boys' gift ahead of time and i'm glad she did. i needed something to occupy the kids while the others finished up lunch and a parachute was the perfect thing! the kids loved it! thanks em!!

for games we did a little "super hero training."

they practiced their jumping in these hula hoops..

it was extremely organized.

i love this picture because it's one you are going to be able to look back on and see mom-style of the time..

leggings and tunics! ha.

the little super heroes practiced their bravery by balancing across a pit of lava and fire! so scary!!

the kids LOVED that! isn't it funny, the things that you think are gonna be lame, the kids wanna do over and over?!

then these bad guys brought bombs to our party!! 

the goal was for the kids to pop the balloons. and what it turned into was mass chaos and chasing balloons around the yard because it was so windy.

it turned out fine though. most kids popped a balloon? maybe? only a few tears were shed, so success?

and because we don't like bombs at our party (!!!) we shot the bad guys with our spidey web..

good dads.

that was our games! and we bought a bounce house, so the kids played on that and the swing set too. and fyi, i feel like we've already got our money's worth on the bounce house.

now let's take an intermission to look at these SUPER cute babies..

i went box mix on the cake and they were just delicious. box mix forever!

we couldn't light the candles because of the wind so we made them pretend to blow them out! ha!

good enough.

and my second pride and joy of this party (spider-man being #1.) was this fun punch box..

each kid got to punch in a circle and there was a huge punch balloon and a ring pop (isaac henry calls them crystal suckers) inside. i thought it was cool. and we're soo saving this box for every party ever. so much better than a pinata! bryant says we need to refill it and just have it at our house for whenever people come over. "thanks for coming, feel free to punch a circle on your way out!" it really is that fun!

it was a good day. a tiring day, but a good day. i hope the boys felt loved. i know i did. i have amazing parents and we have amazing friends.

happy birthday isaac henry and grant! you are 2/3 of my favorite little boys ever!!  

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  1. Love this!!!!! Boy parties are so fun... I can't wait for Eli's. Well... I can wait... but it will be so fun!


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