Wednesday, September 16, 2015

abe at three months.

abe is a quarter of a year old. when you think about it that way it's real crazy! and lord knows we need things to be crazier around here so let's!

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at three months:
  • abe is the smiling-est thing we've ever seen. he's just such a happy guy. and he's really starting to chat with us! lots of cooing and squeals!
  • cat napper. he's like, "17 minutes? that'll do."
  • that being said, what naps he does take are taken in his crib except the dinner time nap which he takes in the sling or being held by bry daddy.
  • and while we're on the topic of sleep, he's been mostly sleeping through the night! like from 8-5:30 in his crib and then goes back to sleep in our bed until the loudest brothers alive wake up.
  • he's rolled over.. once. probably not because he can't but because i don't give him the chance. his brothers think that he's in the floor for them to wrestle and hug and smother to death so i just don't give him much floor time. life > neck strength. #sacrifice.
  • the brothers love to hold abe and kiss on him and ask to every single day. 
  • abe is beautiful. there. i said it. obviously i think all my children are the cutest children on the planet. but abe is just so pretty. i think it's his skin or something. it just looks like creaminess that you wanna rub your face on. and so maybe i do. 
i looked back and read grant's 3 month update. and i said "in case you were wondering about me at 3 months postpartum.. i'm 10 lbs. from prepregnancy weight, losing my hair, fairly rested and ready to have another baby."

and that is similar to today. my hair is falling wayyyyy out, so i chopped it off a few weeks ago. i'm about 15 lbs. from pre-preg weight because peanut butter m&ms. can't stop. won't stop. i'm fairly rested considering i have 3 crazy babies. and i just told someone yesterday that i kinda just wanna get pregnant and get it over with and be done. that's probably not a very motherly way to think of things and cherishing the baby years and pregnancy and whatever but i said it so i must of meant it..

enough about me. abe is the man. i really like him. i like that he likes to be worn. and i like that he smiles at anyone anytime. and i like that his brothers haven't accidentally smothered him with love.


the good ole days..
1 month.
2 months.

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  1. I had our 4 in 5 years 5 months. It was so not the timing I had in mind, but God thought differently. I can totally relate to the just getting through with having them bit and wanted to say how much I have loved having mine closer in age. Continue to enjoy your posts and your blog. If you ever find yourself in the flattest part of Canada, I'd love to make you a cup of coffee!


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