Tuesday, September 8, 2015

7 things on tuesday.

1. i went to the dermatologist a month ago or so for this spot on my arm that everyone (i'm lookin' at you, mom!) was sure was something big and bad. turns out it's a scar from a bug bite and will always and forever be benign. they did however find an abnormal mole on my upper upper thigh/butt. and i had to get said mole removed last week. i was fairly certain that this mole removal was gonna be the actual death of me. and to my surprise it wasn't a big deal at all.. until they started stitching it up and with every pull of the thread my thigh jiggled and then i passed out. because someone was invading my body! two thumbs up to you nurses out there because no thanks.

2. my mole removal was immediately trumped by ann having eli! isn't he precious? haven't completely decided yet, but i'm contemplating kidnapping him.   

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3. we've been drinking lots of this coffee and these margaritas. you should too. unless you have something against iced coffee and margs, then don't.

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4. my parents bought the boys tickets to thomas the train for their birthdays, so we went and rode thomas bright and early on saturday. it was a really cute event and the boys thought it was the coolest.

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grant was like, "we are not here to take pictures. thomas is right there!"

5. i know this is gonna come as a shock to you.. but, i'm addicted to sugar. i try to eat an apple but it's just not the same as a handful of peanut butter m&m's. there may or may not have been times when i have loaded my three children into the car and driven to the store to get candy. this is either the behavior of a crazy person or an addict. and what else would an addict do but allow her own children to partake in the sugar?? so i picked these up at the walmart..

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and let me tell you, they are so fun! they're just gummies of random stuff like acorns and trashcans and saxophones. hilarious! get some for your own little addicts!

6. we painted our doors blue. and the original plan was to paint the shutters blue but i was feeling nervous about it so i asked instagram and the response was a resounding "nooooooo!!!" so they're gonna get repainted black. but i really do love the blue doors.

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7. abe slept from 8-5:30 last night! way to go abe! let's do that again tonight!

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