Friday, August 21, 2015

the upstairs.

well, we'll have been in the house for a whole year next week! i'm gonna make a cake.

the good news is is that i still looovvvee our house. it seriously is perfect and i can't see us moving out in the near future or ever for that matter. now that doesn't mean we aren't constantly up to something to make us love it more (see huge hole that's in my house right now waiting to become a garage..) (and i really really am crossing my fingers for a pool in the next few years) but i really do love it here.

which leads me to my next point.. i never showed you the upstairs. so here she is, in all her glory!

first up, isaac henry's room..

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this is the room that will likely be shared when we have a fourth. it's the biggest bedroom upstairs and would house bunks or two twins just fine. for now, isaac gets to be a king in his full size bed.

for now the train table is in there but i think we may move it to grant's room around christmas time and do some sort of lego situation in ih's room.

grant's room:

right now we have grant in the top bunk of de-bunked bunk beds and it is PERFECT!

all the boys have these big closets with two doors..

and abe's room..

it's definitely the smallest room and it's kinda boring but it serves its purpose. i mean, he doesn't even sleep in there yet, so there's not much of a purpose to serve.

the boys' bathroom..

it's really three little rooms, which i think is gonna be awesome when they're older because everyone can be using the bathroom at the same time and still have privacy.

shower room on the left. toilet room on the right.

i wanna frame out the mirror in here like we did in our bathroom and i've even toyed with painting the vanity but not today. or tomorrow.

i just can't get motivated for upstairs projects. maybe it's because it's kid zone up there and they don't care.

and lastly, the playroom..

whoa nellie. bright window. i still need to figure out curtains for in here but i'm just not in a hurry. i keep picturing drapes with bold orange and white stripes. one day i'll get around to it. (wait! while i was searching pinterest for that link i found a link about painting a big stripe on cheap white curtains.. now i've got a wild hair and may get around to it sooner rather than later!)

also, here's your PSA for the day.. that couch sucks. we got it because we had heard great things about the ikea couches (and we have the regular ektorp and love it!) and we wanted a sleeper sofa for up there because no guest room blah blah blah. it's bad. don't follow in my footsteps. i mean, it's the playroom so not the end of the world but.. biggest regret of my life. that and the one time i passed up one of those vintage ceramic christmas trees for $5 at a yardsale. i was young. i was dumb.

and this door is our laundry room..

so really we could use this room for a bedroom too one day if we had to. the only thing would be the lack of closet and the laundry room being in there.. but there're ways around that. for now i really like having a playroom because we can host community group and other events like that where there needs to be a separate space for the kiddos.

so that's it! our home sweet home.

here's the rest..
living room.
kitchen and dining.
other living room.
master bedroom.

some things have changed but not much. not much at all.

later taters.


  1. The upstairs is perfect! Genius idea to use the top part of a bunk bed for Grant. And I really love the bathroom situation. And the playroom looks so nice - your old tv stand fits so perfectly!

  2. Also, is that a glider of some sort in Abe's room? Our more classic looking rocking chair we used with Claire and Maggie broke, so I'm thinking about investing in something new for the next babe. The standard gliders are so comfy but not very cute...

  3. I LOVE your house, but I'm really commenting to say mad props on how clean it is. Seriously I just have one kid and she is like a Tasmania devil, leaving messes and destruction in her wake. Can I send her to you to learn cleanliness??

    1. hahahaha. you're forgetting this took me a year to post! there's a reason. this specific day the boys were at MDO and the downstairs was a disaster! no shame in my game.

    2. that being said, we do make the boys pick up their toys every night. it helps when they start picking up after themselves!


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