Monday, August 24, 2015

my hands are full.

lest you think my hands are not full, i have the affirmation from no less than 12 customers at kroger that my hands are indeed full.

"you've got your hands full!"

this doesn't offend me. because it's true. my hands are full. and my hip and my heart and my boobs and my figure and my buggy, full. and my sink is full of dirty dishes and pantry full of carbs that are shaped like a variety of animals. my bathtub is full of superheros and foam letters and dirty little boys. my washing machine is full, always. my carpet is full of crumbs. my van is full of car seats. my coffee cup is not full enough.

yes. my hands are full.

to help with my full hands, the big boys started MDO 2 weeks ago.

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it just makes them seem so big to me. they're having a blast and i'm finding out that 5 hours is not many hours at all but just enough hours for me to miss those hoodlums.

and in case that doesn't make them feel big to you.. isaac henry started soccer!

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

he's very slow. but he's really good at the skills! just slow. bryant and i spent a lot of time laughing at him during practice because it's just so precious. and he's having fun. 

soccer and MDO and everything else and trying to have some sort of schedule in our family (which is so not who i am as a person, so the schedule will probably not happen) is proving that our fall is gonna be.. get this.. FULL. just like our hands.  

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  1. I'm glad you're not offended by that! Me neither. MDO is the best - did you know they really only have it in the south?


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