Friday, July 10, 2015

an update.

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that was two sundays ago before grant's baby dedication at church. see how i typed grant there? totally unintentional, but i'm leaving it to drive home the point that WE CANNOT KEEP THESE CHILDREN'S NAMES STRAIGHT! ABE. abe's dedication. good grief. you wouldn't think it'd be so hard!  

anyway, this morning i needed to poop. and postpartum poops are terrifying. maybe i should be over the fear by now but i can't help but think that if i bear down real hard my uterus is just gonna plop out. i mean, the last time i pushed real hard a human came out of there followed by a huge life-giving organ. never mind that that happened almost a month ago. you can never be too cautious.

so i got the big boys all set up playing play dough. and abe was napping in the swing. and no sooner than i sit down..

abe is screaming. no surprise really since he prefers to nap anywhere from 30-45 seconds at a time unless he's being held/"nursing"..

and isaac yells: DANT JUST ATE SOME PLAY DOUGH!!!
momma, from the bathroom: grant! don't eat the play dough!
momma: ok.

so all that to say.. things are going well. you may be reading about fourth of july (which was great!) in september. but things are going well.

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